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How Do You Configure AMI?


Browse to the amione/config directory and create a new, empty file and place each property to override on its own line in the format

Hint: You can copy the to to get started with good default values.

You might ask, why doesn't AMI just come with a default This is so that when you download and update to a new version of AMI this file will not be overwritten, hence maintaining your existing settings.


For instructions on how to encrypt properties, see the encryption section of the docs.


Below is a sample file:

#My located under config directory
#Note, lines starting with pounds are comments (except for #INCLUDE)

#Override the http port to standard port

#Override the location of the access.txt file

#Process and include properties from a custom properties file
#INCLUDE home/

#Define my own custom value

#Reference my custom value

#Append to an existing variable

#Remove a specific property in any of AMI's prepackaged configuration (,, 

#UNDEFINE  speedlogger.sink.FILE_SINK.maxFiles=10