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Custom DNS


In Enterprise environments, some services cannot be directly identified by a physical destination (ex: host name) and are instead logically identified. In this situation, the organization implements a directory naming service that can map, in realtime, the logical identifier to a physical destination. For AMI to access resources in this scenario, a plugin must be written that interfaces with the directory naming service. Then, when a resource is requested inside AMI, AMI will first ask the Plugin to "resolve" the logical name to a physical one, passing the resolved physical one to the underlying connectors. It's the plugin's responsibility to connect to the naming service and provide an answer in a timely fashion.

Using Multiple Resolvers

Note, that many resolvers can be supplied. The order in which they are defined in the property is the order in which they are visited. Once a resolver plugin says it "canResolve" the identifier, the remaining resolvers are not called.

Default case

If no resolvers plugins are provided, or none of the resolvers canResolve(...) a given identifier, then the identifier is considered a physical identifier and passed straight to the connector.

Java interface