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This section details how to create encrypted AMI tables, including system tables. Adding decrypters on existing encrypted tables is also supported.

Creating a Encrypted User Table

To create an encrypted user table, add persist_encrypter="default" to the CREATE TABLE statement containing PersistEngine. This will encrypt the data stored for the persistent user table. By default the encrypter should be "default". Example:

CREATE PUBLIC TABLE MyTable(c1 Integer, c2 Short, c3 Long, c4 Double, c5 Character, c6 Boolean, c7 String) USE PersistEngine="FAST" persist_encrypter="default" RefreshPeriodMs="100"
  • persist_encrypter(required): name of encrypter

Adding Decrypters

To add decrypters, add the following option to the file (found in amione/scripts):
  • DECRYPTER_NAME: name of decrypter

  • ClassName: name of decrypter Java class

Encrypting System Tables

To encrypt system tables, add either of the following lines to the file (found in amione/config):



  • encryptername: name of encrypter used

NOTE: The old unencrypted .dat persist files will not be deleted after encryption, and will be appended with .deleteme