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Relationships are used to establish links between the various panels in a layout. Establishing links between panels enables the drilling down of data from one table to another, the querying of static tables, and the rendering of displays in charts. When establishing a relationship, one panel will be considered the source panel and the other as the target panel.

Please refer to the Creating a Relationship Between Visualizations section of the GUI Getting Started for the steps in creating a relationship between two panels. This section will discuss the Behavior section of the relationship menu.

Run Relationship

In real-time when user highlights rows causing query to change Only runs the relationship if the rows selected will result in a change of the target table
In real-time when user highlights rows Will run the relationship whenever a new row is selected
Only when user selects from right-click menu Creates a right click menu in the source table. Use the right click menu to run the relationship.
Only when user double clicks on the row Double click to run a relationship
Only on amiscript Will only run when a script telling the relationship to run is executed

Example of a right-click menu

Display Option

Bring target panel to front: when a relationship is run, the target panel will appear at the front of the dashboard. This will also work on minimized or hidden panels.

Leave target as is: the target panel will remain in place - minimized or hidden panels will stay minimized or hidden.

When Nothing Selected

Do Nothing Results from the latest query will remain in the target panel
Clear The target panel will clear of all results
Show everything The target panel will display all of the records that belong to the data set chosen for the target panel
Same as selecting everything The target panel will display all of the records that correspond to the records currently shown in the source panel