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Transient Objects

Transient Windows

In this example we will show how to duplicate any panel programmatically instead of importing/exporting the panel manually.

Let's first create panel that we want to duplicate; here we have a window with the City table on the left and Country table on the right. We've named the left panel with the City table as CityWorld and the right panel with the Country table as CountryWorld. There is also a divider between the two tables which we have named CityCountryDiv (to rename this go to green cog of the Divider -> Settings -> PanelID).

Note that this divider is how we would access both the left and right panel.

Let's create a HTML Panel with a button that duplicates this window when clicked on. We'll call this button Duplicate Panel:

Add the following snippet of code in the Ami Script tab of the button - this code exports the config of the named panel and re-imports it as a new window:

Map config = layout.getPanel("CityCountryDiv").exportConfig();
session.importWindow("New Window",config);

Exit the development mode and click on the Duplicate Panel button - this now generates a new window called New Window containing the duplicate of the panel.

NB: If you only wish to duplicate the CityWorld panel, replace getPanel("CityCountryDiv") with getPanel("CityWorld").