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  • Docker
  • JDK 17

Setting up Deephaven

  1. Install sample python-example containers from Deephaven from Quick start Install Deephaven

    curl -O
    docker-compose* pull
    docker-compose* up
  2. If you run into errors with the gRPC container, downgrade the containers in the docker-compose.yml file to 0.16.1

  3. Go to http://localhost:10000/ide/ on the browser

  4. Execute the following commands in the Deephaven IDE

    from deephaven import read_csv
    seattle_weather = read_csv("")
    from deephaven import agg
    hi_lo_by_year = seattle_weather.view(formulas=["Year = yearNy(ObservationDate)", "TemperatureF"])\
        .where(filters=["Year >= 2000"])\
            agg.avg(cols=["Avg_Temp = TemperatureF"]),\
            agg.min_(cols=["Lo_Temp = TemperatureF"]),\
            agg.max_(cols=["Hi_Temp = TemperatureF"])

Setting up the Adapter

  1. Place DeephavenFH.jar and all other jar files in the dependencies directory under /amione/lib/

  2. Copy the properties from the file to your own

  3. For JDK17 compatibility, use the attached file or add the following parameters to the java launch command

    --add-opens java.base/java.lang=ALL-UNNAMED --add-opens java.base/java.util=ALL-UNNAMED --add-opens java.base/java.text=ALL-UNNAMED --add-opens java.base/ --add-opens --add-opens java.base/ 
  4. Add the following to the java launch parameters to the file as well

  5. Launch AMI from

Querying Deephaven

Queries in the datamodel (after the EXECUTE keyword) will be sent to the deephaven application as a console command. Any table stated/created in the deephaven query will be returned as an AMI table. For example the code below creates a table sample in Deephaven and populates the testDHTable in AMI using the sample table.

create table testDHTable as execute sample = hi_lo_by_year.where(filters=["Year = 2000"]);

If the table already exists in Deephaven then we can just retrieve the table as show below:

create table testDHTable as execute hi_lo_by_year;