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FormGradientColorPickerField var = .... ;


Extended By



AMI Script Class to represent the color gradient picker Field

Method Summary

Owner Name Return Type Description
FormField exportConfig() Map Exports this field's configuration to a map.
FormGradientColorPickerField getAlphaEnabled() String Returns true if the alpha channel is enabled.
DashboardResource getCallback(callbackName) Callback Returns a callback by name
DashboardResource getCallbacks() Map Returns a map of all callback definitions.
DashboardResource getChildren() List Returns a list of the child dashboard resources.
Object getClassName() String Returns the string name of this object's class type.
FormField getCssClass() String Returns the CSS class.
DashboardResource getDRI() String Returns the Dashboard Resource Indicator (DRI) as a string. DRI is the unique identifier of this resources within the entire dashboard.
DashboardResource getDashboardResourceType() String Returns the Dashboard Resource Type as a string
FormField getDisabled() Boolean Returns true if field is disabled, false otherwise.
FormField getDisplayMode() String DEPRECATED, use isVisible instead. Returns display type of field. Will return "ABSOLUTE" if field is displayed using absolute positioning. Will return "HTML" if field is displayed using form HTML.
FormField getFieldValue(varName) Object Returns the value of the field with the associated varName for the form that owns this field.
DashboardResource getFormula(formulaName) Formula Returns a Formula given the formula name.
DashboardResource getFormulaNames() Set Returns a set of the names of all formulas for this object.
DashboardResource getFormulas() Map Returns a map of all available formulas for this object. The key is the formula name.
DashboardResource getLRI() String Returns the Localized Resource Indicator (LRI) as a string. LRI is the unique identifier of this resource with the parent element.
FormField getLabel() String Returns the label associated with this field.
FormField getLabelTooltip() String Returns the tooltip associated with this field's label.
DashboardResource getOwner() DashboardResource Returns the DashboardResource that owns this object.
FormField getPanel() FormPanel Returns the panel that contains this field.
FormField getPosition() Rectangle Returns a Rectangle object representing the field's position as (x,y,w,h).
FormGradientColorPickerField getValue() ColorGradient Returns this field's value.
FormField getVariableName() String Returns the variable name associated with this field.
DashboardResource invokeCallback(callbackName, args) Object Executes the specified callback definition and returns the result from the callback.
FormField isAtDefaultPosition() Boolean Returns whether field is at the default position specified in field editor.
FormField isTransient() Boolean Returns whether a field is transient.
FormField isVisible() Boolean Returns true iff this field is visible, false otherwise.
FormField resetCssClass() Boolean Resets CSS class to default (as configured in AMI editor).
FormField resetDisabled() Boolean Resets the disabled flag to default (as configured in AMI editor).
FormField resetPosition() Boolean Resets field position to default position specified in field editor.
FormGradientColorPickerField setAlphaEnabled(value) Boolean Enable the alpha channel.
FormField setCssClass(cssStyle) Boolean Sets CSS class. Returns empty string for no css.
FormField setDisabled(disabled) Boolean Set the disabled status of the field (true for disabling, false for enabling).
FormField setDisplayMode(mode) Boolean DEPRECATED, use setVisible instead. Sets display mode of field. Setting to "ABSOLUTE" will display field using absolute positioning. Setting to "HTML" will allow field to be displayed using the form HTML. Any other input will throw an exception.
FormField setFieldValue(key, value) Boolean Sets the key value pair to this portlet's attributes and returns true if successful. For key, put in the field's variable name, then set the value.
FormField setLabelTooltip(tooltip) Boolean Sets the label tooltip.
FormField setPosition(x, y, w, h) Boolean Sets the field position. Specify (x,y) position, width, and height in pixels. Passing null to an argument is equivalent to not setting a value for that specific argument.
FormField setPosition(rect) Boolean Sets the position, if the position is null then resets the overrides
FormGradientColorPickerField setValue(value) Boolean Set this field's value.
FormField setVisible(visible) Boolean Sets the visibility of this field. Returns false iff the argument is null, true otherwise.
Object toJson() String Returns a json representation of this object.

Method Definitions


String FormGradientColorPickerField::getAlphaEnabled()


Returns true if the alpha channel is enabled.


ColorGradient FormGradientColorPickerField::getValue()


Returns this field's value.


Boolean FormGradientColorPickerField::setAlphaEnabled(Object value)


Enable the alpha channel.

Parameter Definition

Name Type Description
value Object  value, null to go back to default


Boolean FormGradientColorPickerField::setValue(Object value)


Set this field's value.

Parameter Definition

Name Type Description
value Object